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How to Use Spärkel

Video: The Complete Guide to Using Your Spärkel

This video covers everything you need to know about your Spärkel System! Whether you’re a beginner or a sparkling expert, Monica will offer a step-by-step guide to using your Spärkel System as well as tips and tricks along the way!.

Why You Should Never Use Essential Oils In Your Spärkel

The volatile carrier oils found in essential oils are very destructive to all plastics, undermining its strength and toughness. If your Spärkel bottle loses its toughness through exposure to essential oils, it can create a safety risk when pressurize

Instructions for first use

Unpack the beverage system appliance. Tip: We do our best to keep the packaging to a minimum, but please recycle all material according to local guidelines. Empty the Residue Drawer in the sink  - Fill the back reservoir. Pour avoir les instructions

Tips for opening & pouring the carbonator sachet

When tearing the top of the carbonator sachet, look carefully for the pre-cut tear on one side at the top of the sachet pair.  You must tear from the pre-cut side.  If tearing is difficult, the sachet pair are easily cut with scissors. Note that a sc

Tips to easily open the Spärkel bottle

To easily open the Spärkel bottle after carbonating, here are two tips. Chill the bottle after carbonating or use cold fluid and ingredients to carbonate.  If the bottle contents are cold after carbonating, it will open easily and without too many bu

How to register for your warranty and find the serial number

To register your Spärkel System, please follow this link to access My Spärkel, register for your one-year replacement warranty, get your special offers and your Recipe Guide. Click here to see the Spärkel One Year Replacement Warranty Terms. The Seri

The top lid stopper is in the funnel

When you open the Spärkel top lid for the first time, the stopper may be stuck in the funnel.  It will look like the image on the right.  This is easily corrected.  Grab the stopper and push it on the holder on the top lid so it looks like the image