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Tips to easily open the Spärkel bottleUpdated 7 months ago

To easily open the Spärkel bottle after carbonating, here are two tips.

  1. Press the top bottle cap valve with your finger, as shown in the image below.  Bonus tip, hold the bottle upright and facing away from you. This will release some of the pressure from the bottle making it easier to open.


  2. Chill the bottle after carbonating or use cold fluid and ingredients to carbonate.  If the bottle contents are cold after carbonating, it will open easily and without too many bubbles releasing when you open it.  Cold fluids will absorb and retain more CO2.  So less CO2 will try to escape (by forming bubbles) from cold liquids and the cap will be is easier to open.  You'll also get a bubblier drink and the drink will retain its bubbles longer.  To make the bottle contents cold, (a) add ice to the bottle before carbonating or (b) chill your ingredients before carbonating or (c) place the bottle in the refrigerator after carbonating and before opening.

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