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Troubleshooting CycleUpdated 5 months ago

Running a troubleshooting cycle will help identify the source of the problem. 

It may seem like you’ve already followed these steps, but running your appliance while paying attention to specific parts will identify the problem and help us address it quickly.

If possible, please take a video while going through these steps to help our team help you. If you do find an issue please note the step(s) where there was a problem and contact us through the chat button at the bottom of the screen.

1. Fill the rear reservoir with hot water from the tap and insert it in the back of the Spärkel

Lookout: does the reservoir leak? Do you see water under it?

If so, you may be able to stop the leak by pressing the top and bottom of the reservoir toward the appliance. Like this.

Still leaking?  Click Here

2. Make sure the front Drawer is empty 

The drawer should typically be emptied every 6-7 uses, but let's make sure it is empty now. 


3. See if the bottle caps seals and o-rings are in place – top and bottom. 




Missing a bottle cap seal? Please request a new one through the chat button at the bottom of the screen.

4. See if the bottom and top spigot o-rings are in the right location and intact.


Missing an o-ring? Frayed or damaged o-ring? Please request a new one through the chat button at the bottom of the screen.

5. Prepare a fresh bottle and tightly close the caps.

Fill the bottle to the line with water and place it in the appliance. Be certain the caps are very tight, especially the bottom cap. They can't be overly tightened, so don't be afraid to give it an extra turn.

Do not use contents from a previous attempt, pressure in the bottle may cause an issue. You can vent the bottle by pressing on the top bottle cap valve to be sure. 

6. Make sure the carbonation chamber is empty and pour in one Carbonator (A+B) 

- Make sure there is no white Carbonator residue on the funnel and stopper. If so, wipe the funnel and stopper with a cloth and warm water.

- Use one Carbonator (A+B) for every cycle. 

If the chamber has leftover Carbonator, pour some water in the chamber and wait for it to drip out into the drawer, it should take about 30 seconds to drain.  Add a fresh Carbonator.

7. Close the lid until it *clicks*

Video With Sound

Top Lid doesn't close? Take a look at this article.

8. Pull down the handle until it clicks.

Watch - The lights should turn on and you should hear a chime. 

Having an issue with flashing lights, or does the unit chime continuously? Take a look at this article.

9. Select level 2 and press start 

Level 2 is enough to give good carbonation and identify the issue. 

If possible, please record a video, it will help us diagnose if there is an issue. If you can't, that's okay.

Only video the first 30 seconds or so - no need to video the entire Level 2 cycle.


The system should start.  Take note of: 

  1. After pressing start, you should hear a continuous operating sound from the appliance. Like this.
  2. You should see bubbles enter the bottle continuously, until the end of the cycle.
    • If there are no bubbles or a few then they stop. Follow the steps here.
    • If the front drawer is filling up, try performing a deep clean of the unit
    • If the bottle is filling up, there is likely a seal that is out of place, revisit step 3 & 4 and makes sure the caps are tight. 
  3. You should not see leaks on your countertop.
    • If yes, please notice where it is coming from take a look at the steps here.
  4. You should not hear a loud hissing sound from an air leak.
  5. After the cycle stops and you open the bottle you should see (and feel) bubbles in the bottle.
    • To easily open the bottle press the top bottle cap valve then turn the cap. 
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