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Tips for opening & pouring the carbonator sachetUpdated 7 months ago

How to open the carbonator sachet: 



When tearing the top of the carbonator sachet, look carefully for the pre-cut tear on one side at the top of the sachet pair.  You must tear from the pre-cut side.  If tearing is difficult, the sachet pair are easily cut with scissors. Note that a scissor hole will offer a sightly wider opening, which will be sightly quicker when pouring the carbonator into the funnel hole at the top of your Spärkel.

For an easy, clean pour, stick the open ends of the carbonator sachets right into the funnel hole, as seen in the image below. This will let you quickly and easily pour the carbonator into the inner chamber without spilling any carbonator material on the funnel.  If you do get some material on the funnel, brush it down the hole with your finger or a dry cloth.



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