Top Lid Will Not Shut or Will Not Open

If the top lid of your Spärkel will not open or will not close, as shown below or if the top lid is hard to open or shut, please follow the steps below: 


  1. Make sure the main front handle is up. 
  2. If the handle is up and the top lid difficult or can't open, you may have some Spärkel Carbonator residue stuck in the lid. Please unplug the unit and pour, or even better spray, warm/hot (not boiling) water under the latch. This can be done with the top lid closed or open and should dissolve the carbonator and make it easier to operate. 

    3. If the top lid still does not open or close please contact customer service or email and let us know - we want to help!  We apologize for the inconvenience and we'll get you sparkling as soon as possible.


Please note: Do not lift top lid while the handle is down.  Lift the handle first, then the top lid latch. If you try to force the top lid up when the handle is down the top lid may break. You also may force the top lid to open with a loud 'pop' as the pressure is released via the top lid. There is a latch in the top lid that is not released until the handle is up.




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