What are Spärkel Carbonators made of?

The carbonators are made of a special granulation and concentration of citric acid and sodium bicarbonate.  Spärkel carbonators are placed in a sealed chamber within the Spärkel appliance to generate the CO2 gas that travels to the bottle to sparkle and infuse the contents of the bottle. The carbonator is not placed in the bottle and the carbonator is not consumed.

Each carbonator will generate exactly the right amount of CO2 to sparkle a 750ml (25.4 oz) bottle.

The citric acid and sodium bicarbonate are stored separately in small quantities. Please keep them sealed until using with the Spärkel appliance. They are individually packaged and sealed for convenient usage and to keep moisture away from the carbonator.

Citric acid and sodium bicarbonate are commonly found in food products. When used as a Spärkel carbonator, they are not ingested. When removed from their packaging sodium bicarbonate and citric acid are generally safe to handle but are potential eye irritants and should not be placed in contact with eyes.  If either come in contact with eyes, rinse they eye out with water.

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