Is the carbonator packaging recyclable? How much plastic do they use?

Our team undertook a very deliberate development process to ensure that our carbonator packaging is recyclable and to minimize its size.

You will see the recycling symbol #5 on each carbonator sachet.  This symbol means that the carbonator sachet package is made of a single type of plastic called polypropylene and it is a recyclable material.  Your curbside recycling program may accept it, depending upon your region. 

Most sachet packaging is made of plastic and foil layers.  These dual or triple layer sachets with multiple materials are not recyclable and must be disposed of in landfill. We developed our sachet packaging using a single type of material to make our sachets recyclable.  To do so has required using customized and specialized machinery for packaging our carbonators.

In addition, we have minimized the amount of plastic used in each carbonator. You will notice that the carbonator sachet packaging is very thin and light. Each carbonator uses less than 1 gram of plastic to make a 750ml sparkling beverage.  Compare that to a typical store-bought sparkling beverage which will use at least 30g of plastic per 750ml bottle.

We are not satisfied yet.  We are pleased that Spärkel eliminates the environmental footprint of shipping sparkling beverages from their production source.  Some sparkling beverages are shipped across continents.  Shipping sparkling water over the ocean is no longer necessary as you can make great sparkling water and more from your tap water.  We are also pleased that we use minimal & recyclable packaging.  We will continue to innovate using compost-able, plant-based and zero waste solutions.  We're working on that now because our team isn't satisfied yet. 

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