Instructions for first use

1. Get Your Spärkel Ready

  • Unpack the beverage system appliance

    • Tip: We do our best to keep the packaging to a minimum, but please recycle all material according to local guidelines.

  • Plug in the appliance
  • Remove the reservoir at the back of the appliance, fill it with room temperature water and place it back on the appliance
    • Note: This water will not go into the bottle. It’s only used to generate the CO2 gas.


2. Get Ready to Carbonate

  1. Lift the top lid
  2. Pour the carbonator (A&B) in the carbonation chamber
  3. close the top lid



3. Get Your Bottle Ready

  1. Add your chosen ingredients to the bottle and fill with liquid to the line.
    • Tip: Reduce a potential drink foam over when opening the bottle by using cold liquids (or add ice) and only filling up to a quarter of the bottle with solid ingredients.
    • Tip:  Rinse your bottle before first use.
  2. Tighten the bottle caps
  3. Place bottle in the appliance

Fill_bottle_Asset_8_3x.png  INsert_Bottle_in_AppAsset_7_3x.png

4. Get Sparkling!

  1. Lower the handle until it clicks
  2. Choose a Carbonation Level
  3. Press Start
    • Tip: A continuous flashing of the start button and levels light means the top lid isn’t properly shut. Press on the lid to close it completely Start_Button_FlashingAsset_10_3x.png
  4. Listen for the chimes. Your beverage is ready! Lift the handle, remove the bottle, and enjoy!
    • Tip: If the bottle is hard to open, press the top cap vent with the bottle standing upright.Vent_BottleAsset_9_3x.png


Don't Forget!  Every 7 uses 

Empty the Residue Drawer in the sink  - Fill the back reservoir


Pour avoir les instructions en français, veuillez cliquer ici:  Instructions

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