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Tips for making your first bubbly beveragesUpdated 9 months ago

Here are a few tips for making your first bubbly beverages.

1) Start simple.  Try a sparkling water or simple fruit infusion.  We'll get fancy soon enough.

2) Use cold water or add ice to the Spärkel bottle before carbonating.  It's OK to add ice to the bottle, really!

3) Consider using filtered water for your sparkling water.  If your tap water has off-notes, the bubbles will carry them to your nose and tongue.

4) Simple infusions only need a couple of pieces of sliced fruit in the bottle before sparkling. That's it, you don't need much to add a real hint of fruit to your sparkling water.  Try a couple sliced strawberries, a couple halved raspberries or single wedge of lime.  It's a simple, delicious twist to healthy sparkling water.

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