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Tips for making the best sparkling wines, wine spritzers, mimosas and bubbly cocktailsUpdated 9 months ago

If you've graduated to adult beverages, congratulations on your success with sparkling waterfruit infusions and sparkling teas!

Here are a few tips for making the best sparkling wines, mimosas and bubbly cocktails.

It's quick and easy to sparkle your favorite wine.  Just fill the bottle to the line with your favourite wine and sparkle it! The only choice is the bubble type and the wine style.

  • You can also vary the sparkling level - try level 2 for a light proscecco-style bubbles, level 3 for a regular sparkling wine and level 4 for bold champagne-style bubbles
  • Dry, white wines like an unoaked chardonnay, pinot blanc, pinot gris, sauvignon blanc or viognier will always make a lovely sparkling wine.  Try bubbling a dry rosé!  Finally, there are a few red varietals that will actually work - although it's tougher - you might be surprised by a sparkling shiraz.
  • Use proper glassware.  If you do, you'll see the same tiny, beautiful bubbles from your sparkled wine. Plastic or glass ware that isn't clean will result in large bubbles that don't do justice to your sparking wine.

wine spritzer is super refreshing and half the calories of sparking wine.  Just half fill the bottle with wine and top up the remainder with cold water.  Now just find the hot sun and a cool pool to sip it beside.

The world's bubbliest mimosa is waiting for your next brunch.  It's the bubbliest because you'll sparkle the wine and the OJ.  Fill your bottle 2/3 with cold white wine and 1/3 with OJ, preferably pulp-free.  Sparkle and enjoy!

Bubbly cocktails are a fun addition to your next party.  You can get creative but start with a cranberry vodka soda.  It's pink, bubbly and a party hit.  Just add a few ounces of vodka, a splash of cranberry cocktail and top up with cold water.  Sparkle & serve!  To make it refreshingly cold, add ice to the bottle as well before sparkling.

For more tips and sparkling beverage ideas, see our latest Spärkel drink recipes.

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