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Tips for making the best sparkling juice-based drinksUpdated 9 months ago

Here are some tips for making the best juice-based sparkling refreshers: 

1) Try a just a splash of your favorite juice and top up with water.  Just a splash of juice gives you the taste with extra refreshment and only a few of the calories.  Plus the color change to the sparkling water adds more perceptual taste than you expect - it's been accurately stated that we 'taste with our eyes'.

2) Combining juices plus water then sparkling is a fun way to combine flavors and refreshment.  For example, kids love 1/8 cranberry juice plus 1/8 orange juice topped up with water. It's 25% of the sugar vs. juice alone and completely delicious.

4) Add ice to the bottle before sparkling.  Cold liquids absorb more CO2 and cold liquids will keep its bubbles longer.

5) Get creative!  Fruit & herb combinations plus a splash of juice can add a whole new taste experience to healthy hydration.

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