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Tips for making the best sparkling fruit infusionsUpdated 9 months ago

Here are some tips for making the best fruit infusions: 

1) A little does a lot.  Try just a few slices of fruit (e.g., one sliced strawberry).  You don't need much to add a hint of real fruit taste to your sparkling water.

2) Exposing the fleshy parts of the fruit will enhance the infusion.  Slice the fruit to expose the fleshy parts then put the pieces in the bottle before sparkling. 

  • Don't add seeds or small items that could get caught in the bottle valves.  It won't damage anything but if those valves can't seal your carbonation will quickly go away (via an open top bottle cap valve) or the bottle may leak (via an open bottom bottle cap valve).

3) Get creative!  Fruit combinations and fruit & herb combinations can add a whole new taste experience to healthy hydration.

4) Use cold water or add ice to the bottle before sparkling.  Cold liquids absorb more CO2 and cold liquids will keep its bubbles longer.

5) Most fruit infusions only require Level 2 or Level 3.  The higher the level the longer the fruit will spend moving under pressure and the greater the flavor transfer.  If you leave the fruit inside the sealed, unopened bottle it will continue to infuse.

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