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Tips for cleaning and maintaining your SpärkelUpdated 9 months ago

Here are a few things you can do to keep it ready to bubble any beverage for you:

1) Fill the rear water reservoir at least every 10 bottles you sparkle.

2) Empty the front residue drawer at least every 5 bottles you sparkle. 

3) Wipe the bottle tray area down with a wet cloth.

4) If you see carbonator material sitting on the top funnel or top stopper, take a damp cloth and wipe it off.  If this material builds up, it can cause an air leak or make it hard to close the top lid. Pouring the carbonator sachet by sticking the open end sachets right in the funnel will help keep this area clean.

5) If your top lid latch becomes sticky or hard to open, pour some warm water as shown below to remove any material that may be making the latch mechanism sticky.

6) If you make a lot of bubbly beverages using juice or other sugary drinks, fill the bottle to about 1" below the fill line.  This will avoid pulling a small amount of the juice back into the carbonation chamber and then to the residue drawer.  If some juice and sugar does make it into the chamber it is possible that the chamber or residue drawer may develop some mold spots if left for a period of time closed and without use.  If this is the case, simply fill the carbonation chamber with vinegar, close the lid and leave it shut overnight.  In the morning, let the vinegar drain into the residue drawer and then dump and rinse the residue drawer.  The residue draw can also go on the top shelf of your dishwasher if you prefer.

7) After each bottle you make, a few drips from the bottle will remain on the lower spigot when you remove the bottle.  This fluid may fall and pool in an evaporation drip tray located inside the appliance below the bottle holder.  This interior tray is designed to air evaporate between uses.  To clean this tray, simply pour warm water on the bottle holder, it will fall onto the evaporation tray.  Tip the appliance forward.  The evaporation drip tray will be washed off and pour forward out of the appliance, where it may be wiped up.

Beverage System Appliance Top Parts - in the image below:

(1) Top lid, (2) Top lid lever, (3) Top lid latch, (4) Top stopper, (5) Top funnel & funnel hole to carbonation chamber.


Beverage System Appliance Parts - in the image below:

(1) Start button, (2) Carbonation level buttons, (3) Handle, (4) Top spigot, (5) Residue drawer, (6) Bottle holder, (7) Bottle, (8) Bottom spigot, (9) Carbonators, (10) Rear water reservoir, (11) Top lid.


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