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The Rear Water Reservoir empties in the Front DrawerUpdated 9 months ago

If the rear reservoir is emptying into the front drawer when starting the unit, it is possible that carbonator residue is preventing your Spärkel's carbonation chamber valve from sealing. To fix it: 

1. Fill the rear water reservoir with hot (not boiling) water. 

2. If there is already a Spärkel Carbonator in the chamber do not add a new one. If there isn't add a Spärkel Carbonator and run the unit as usual! 

This should clear the residue. 

If you are still experiencing an issue, it is possible something fell in the chamber of your Spärkel. Flash a light in the carbonation chamber hole to see if there is something sitting at the bottom of the chamber. If there is, please use tweezers to remove it. 😀 



The Spärkel System is designed to work with Spärkel Carbonators only. The use of any carbonation material not tested and approved by Spärkel can introduce the potential for personal risk and invalidates your one-year Spärkel replacement warranty.

Spärkel Carbonators have a specific dosing volume, concentration, and granulation to ensure proper and consistent operation of the Spärkel System over the life of the system. Not using Spärkel Carbonators introduces the risk of system blockage due to materials of different grades clogging the system. Overdosing a clogged system can cause over-pressurization, pressure relief valve blockage and can introduce the potential for personal risk.  

If you have used "DIY" carbonators, please take a look at this article to learn more and for cleaning instructions that will help prevent further damage: 
Why You Should Never Use DIY Carbonators with Your Spärkel

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