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System not starting - Pump is working but no bubbles in the bottleUpdated 9 months ago

If this is your first time using your Spärkel System or if it has been a long time since you have used your Spärkel System it is possible that the pump is not drawing water from the back reservoir. 


  • The System lights turn on
  • The pump starts
  • No bubbles go into the bottle
  • The water in the back reservoir doesn't lower
  • The carbonator doesn't dissolve in the chamber

If you are experiencing these symptoms, try this: 

  1. Add warm water in the rear reservoir
  2. Place a full bottle in the system 
  3. Make sure there is a carbonator in the chamber (it should still be there from your last attempt)
  4. Pour about 1 oz of water into the chamber, then quickly close the top lid, select the carbonation level, and press start. Watch this: Troubleshooting 

5. Let the unit run a full cycle. 

NOTE: This bottle may not be as carbonated as usual. Don't worry, the next cycle will run normally! 

You may need to repeat these steps once more if it doesn't work the first time. If the unit is still not operating normally, please reach out!

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