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Pump not starting or stopping intermittentlyUpdated 6 months ago

You may be experiencing a power board problem if your appliance operates silently (no pump) or the pump runs continuously once you plug in the appliance.

Intermittant Start-stop: 

If your unit seems to stop randomly during a cycle, the issue may be linked to the metal switch that allows the system to start properly (as seen below), or to the bottle base. Here's what we suggest: 

1. With the appliance unplugged, spray hot (not boiling) water under the top lid latch. We've attached a video to guide you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3dWtWlf-Co

2. Then use a towel soaked with warm/hot water to carefully wipe the areas around the entire top lid and funnel area to remove any obstruction or carbonator residue.

3. Wipe the button on the front and make sure they all press freely.

4. Make sure the base where the bottle sits is moving freely. If it does not, we recommend making sure the appliance is still unplugged, then tilt the front of the appliance over a sink, and pour some warm/hot water on the bottle base, and press on it to make it move up and down.

Let the unit dry for a few hours before plugging the unit again. If issues persist, please leave a ticket.

Operating Silently: 

This is when the lights and chimes of your Spärkel operate properly, but after pushing the start button there is no sound from the pump.

If you are experiencing either of these power board problems, please leave a ticket so we can resolve your issue.

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