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How To Use A Brush To Clean The Carbonation ChamberUpdated 9 months ago

Spärkel recommends occasionally deep cleaning your system with a brush if:

  • you sparkle drinks with juices or other sugars (which can in some cases result in mold)
  • you notice any residue from your drinks or Carbonators in the carbonation chamber or in the front drawer 
  • you left your Spärkel unused and closed for a long period of time

First, follow Spärkel’s Deep Cleaning Guide, click here.

When following Spärkel’s Deep Cleaning Guide, during Step 5 (use warm water and a brush to clean the inside of the carbonation chamber), we suggest using  an old toothbrush, or if you don’t have one reach out to Spärkel and we can provide you with a brush*:

  1. After soaking the carbonation chamber with vinegar or lemon juice, lift the lever and open the top lid to let the vinegar or lemon drain into the front drawer. Empty front drawer and return to the system.
  2. Put vinegar on your brush and insert into the carbonation chamber hole.
  3. Scrub the inside of the carbonation chamber
  4. Next, rinse the carbonation chamber by using a container with a spout to slowly pour about 2 cups of warm water directly into the carbonation chamber. Be careful not to get any liquid outside of the top funnel hole. Let water drain into the front drawer then empty.

*If you notice carbonator buildup or mold starting to develop in your carbonation chamber, please reach out to our sparkling experts at [email protected] to request a brush to help clean your Spärkel.

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