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How to Clean Your Spärkel System: Regular MaintenanceUpdated 9 months ago

To clean your Spärkel System, we recommend using a soft cloth and water. Never use strong detergents or cleansers with abrasive substances. Depending on use, you may occasionally follow these steps to keep your Spärkel looking like new!

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  1. Ensure the front drawer is empty and in place (see diagram below for all parts).
  2. Using a container with a spout, slowly pour about 2 cups of warm water directly into the carbonation chamber. Be careful not to get any liquid outside of the top funnel hole. Let water drain into the front drawer then empty.
  3. Remove rear reservoir and front drawer. Hand wash in warm, soapy water.
  4. With a warm, damp cloth:
    1. Open the top lid and wipe the entire area including the lever, latch, stopper and top funnel. Close top latch when done.
    2. Gently lower the handle and wipe the top spigot.
    3. While the front drawer is removed, wipe the drawer holding area to remove any carbonator residue that may have accumulated.
    4. Wipe the bottle base and bottom spigot.
    5. Finish by wiping down the exterior of your Spärkel system including the buttons and handle.
  5. Return the rear reservoir and front drawer to your Spärkel system.

Cleaning Spärkel Bottles:

Spärkel bottles are dishwasher safe. Keep bottles and caps away from dishwasher heating elements. The top and bottom bottle caps are removable for easy cleaning. Bottles and caps may also be hand washed in warm, soapy water.

  1. Remove top and bottom caps. Place on the top dishwasher rack.
  2. Place the bottle on the lower dishwasher rack. 
  3. After cleaning, ensure the round silicone seals from the top and bottom caps have not fallen out onto the dishwasher rack or into the bottom of the dishwasher. If a round rubber seal has fallen out, simply re-insert it into its circular holder in the bottle cap and screw the bottle cap back on the bottle.

Never use a bottle if it appears bent, broken or damaged. Do not expose bottles to temperatures above 175F (80C) or below 34F (1C). Remember never to use essential oils in your bottles.

Please note that some staining of the bottle caps may occur, especially when using certain teas, alcohol and/or highly pigmented fruit. Staining will not affect the performance of your Spärkel bottles or system.

Beverage System Appliance Parts:

Sparkel_Parts_All.jpg(1) Start button, (2) Carbonation level buttons, (3) Handle, (4) Top spigot, (5) Front drawer, (6) Bottle base, (7) Bottle, (8) Bottom spigot, (9) Carbonators, (10) Rear reservoir, (11) Top lid.

Beverage System Appliance Top Parts:

Sparkel_Top_Parts.jpg(1) Top lid, (2) Top lid lever, (3) Top lid latch, (4) Top stopper, (5) Top funnel & funnel hole to carbonation chamber.

Bottle Parts:Bottle_Parts.jpg(1) Bottle (2) Top bottle cap, (3) Top bottle cap valve & o-ring, (4) Top bottle cap seal, (5) Bottom bottle cap, (6) Bottom bottle cap seal, (7) Bottom bottle cap valve & o-ring.


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