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How to Clean Your Spärkel If You Have Used DIY CarbonatorsUpdated 9 months ago

If you have made your own carbonators with ingredients commonly available in homes and grocery stores, please stop using DIY carbonators immediately and follow these cleaning steps to help maintain your system and reduce personal safety issues moving forward. While this is not guaranteed to resolve any long-term issues, it will give your Spärkel System a better chance of continued operation and reduce any possible safety concerns.

Click here to learn why you should never use DIY carbonators with your Spärkel.

Cleaning Steps:

IMPORTANT: The Spärkel System should be unplugged during this process.

Before cleaning, please prepare 1 cup of warm/hot (not boiling) water mixed with one sachet “A” side only (citric acid) of a Spärkel Carbonator. The citric acid solution will help the sodium bicarbonate residue dissolve.

1. Wipe the funnel area using a towel soaked in warm/hot (not boiling) water only (not the citric acid solution), pay special attention to the locking mechanism. It's important to dissolve all the remaining carbonator residue, so make sure you’re using enough water to do so (see example below). Be sure this area is dry before plugging and using the appliance again.

2. Pour, or even better, spray (use an empty spray bottle if available) warm water under the top latch. This will reach any leftover carbonator residue that may have seeped into the latch.

3. Slowly pour about 1/2 cup of the water and citric acid solution into the chamber (where the carbonator is inserted). This may "fizz", meaning some of the remaining residues is being dissolved. Repeat until it stops "fizzing". To avoid a mess, please keep an eye on the drawer level so it doesn't overfill and spill.

Ensure the opening of the chamber is dry, then try the unit again using Spärkel Carbonators.

While this cleaning process is not guaranteed to resolve any long-term issues caused by DIY carbonators, it will give your Spärkel System a better chance of continued operation and reduce possible safety concerns.

If you have any comments or questions regarding DIY carbonators, we would love to hear from you! Reach out to us at  [email protected].

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