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Are Spärkel Bottles dishwasher safe?Updated 9 months ago

Spärkel bottles are dishwasher safe. They are also BPA-free and do not have an expiry date.  Although they do not have an expiry date, do not use a bottle if it appears bent, broken, or damaged.

The top and bottom bottle caps are removable for easy cleaning. We recommend placing the bottle caps on the top dishwasher rack and the bottle on the lower dishwasher rack. 

WARNING: Do not place the bottle near or on the dishwasher's heating element. 

After cleaning, please check to make sure the round silicone seals from the top and bottom caps have not fallen out of the caps onto the dishwasher rack or into the bottom of the dishwasher.  Look for the seals before screwing the caps back onto the bottle. 

If a round rubber seal has fallen out, simply re-insert it into its circular holder in the bottle cap and then screw the bottle cap back on the bottle.

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